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About us

Founded in 1983, Linea Hogar Deco is a Spanish company that designs and markets decorative textile and vinyl products. Our team consists of 30 professionals from different areas and our brands are sold in the largest decoration chains and department stores throughout Europe.

We manufacture more than half of our brands in Spain. Others are manufactured through our exclusive partner in Japan (those whose products require high productive technology) and others are made by our trusted partner in China (those that we offer you with the best quality but at a really competitive and interesting price for you).

In Linea Hogar Deco we believe that every house can become a home and that we all have the right to a beautiful and welcoming home.

That's why, in our collections, we put the latest trends at your fingertips, at logical prices and with excellent quality.

"The best version of your home starts at Linea Hogar Deco"


Do I have to create an account to start buying?

It is not necessary. You can buy as a guest, providing only the essential information for the purchase and shipping, at the end of the process. However, for a personalized shopping experience and to better control your orders, we recommend you create your account before you start buying.

Is my personal data protected on the Linea Hogar Deco website?

Yes. We take your privacy seriously and, unless you expressly authorize us to do so by subscribing to our Newsletter, we will not use your personal information to send you information. Under no circumstances will Linea Hogar Deco cede or sell its client databases to third parties. You can check here our privacy policy.

Why do you need my DNI / NIE / NIF number? (only applies for orders to Spain)

In order to issue a valid invoice, it is essential that the client's DNI / NIE / NIF appear on it. An invoice is the safest document for you as a customer, since it is proof of your purchase and a document with legal validity.


How can I receive offers and promotions from Linea Hogar Deco?

To stay up to date with our offers, promotions and new releases, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

How do I use a discount coupon?

During the purchase process, at the moment you choose the payment method, you will see a field where you can enter your discount coupon number, which will be applied automatically.

>What is the policy of using Linea Hogar Deco coupons?

No coupon is cumulative; that is, in the same purchase you can only apply one coupon. Some coupons may be used more than once, in a certain period of time and others are for single use. The conditions of each coupon will always be specified in it.


In what currency do the prices appear?

The main currency is EURO, it is the currency that will mark the final price of the product and this is the currency in which the transaction is made. xchange rate is automatically applied by the systems the different means of payment use. Likewise, it is reported that once the order is formalized, the price of the product will be broken down into the corresponding invoice in Euros.

Does the price shown on each product include VAT?

All the products indicate the sale price in Euros, including the Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable in Spain and also the price of the product without the Spanish VAT.

Does the price shown by each product include transport price?

The prices of the products do NOT include the cost of transportation, which will be added during the purchase process.

What forms of payment does the web accept?

The customer can choose between the following forms of payment to pay the amount of the order:

    1. Credit card:

Through the online payment system, this being a secure platform. Visa (Verified by Visa), MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode), 4B, Maestro and VPAY.

All transactions that involve the transmission of personal or banking data are made using a secure environment, a server based on the standard security technology SSL (Secure Socked Layer). All the information you transmit to us travels encrypted through the network.

Likewise, the data on your credit card is entered directly on the bank's page, in the POS (Point of Sale Terminal of the Bank) and is not entered or registered in any server of LINEA HOGAR DECO S.L.U.

When paying by card, you will always be asked for the following information: the card number, the expiration date, and a Validation Code that matches the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your card, offering, of this way, more guarantees about the security of the transaction.

    1. Paypal:

Allows you to send payments online safely and conveniently. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global payment solution in real time. Paypal offers a service specially designed for those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms. More information in Paypal.

To which countries does Linea Hogar Deco deliver?

We ship to all the countries that appear in this table. No shipments are made to territories that do not appear in the table.

How much will the shipment cost me?

The price of transport depends on the weight of the products you are going to buy and the place where they are to be shipped. Here you can consult the transport price tables.


How do I track orders?

You will receive a confirmation email once the order is placed.

You will receive a second email when the order leaves our warehouse. In it you will find the tracking number of the package, which will allow you to locate it, through the carrier's website, until your arrival at the destination.


Can I return or change my order if I am not satisfied?

Check here our policy of changes and returns.


Do you have any more questions?

Do not worry, you can contact us through the contact form and we will help you.


Static vinyl films
What is the difference between a static film and a sticky-back or adhesive vinyl film?
  • The static vinyl does not contain any type of adhesive or glue, it adheres to completely smooth surfaces thanks to the static of the sheet itself. Therefore, it can be reused infinitely, without losing its grip. It is very easy and clean to place. Watch the video (link of Lineafix Static for more information.

  • Sticky-back vinyl films stick to all types of smooth surfaces thanks to its glued backing but it is NOT reusable. We always recommend placing it with water to facilitate the movement of the vinyl on the surface to get it to fit perfectly and, thus, not waste the sheet if we don’t manage to adjust it well to the first. Do not use water if the surface is cardboard or similar. Watch the video (link of Lineafix Adhesive for more information.

How to place a Lineafix Static product?

Perfectly clean the surface. Do not use window cleaners. Spray water on the surface. Detach the transparent protective sheet. Place Lineafix on the surface. Gently smooth the film with the Linea-Fix squeegee to eliminate air bubbles. Watch the video (link of Lineafix Static for more information.

Does the features of our sun protection films last over time?

Yes. Our solar protection films maintain the indicated percentage of UV protection throughout the product's lifetime. We guarantee 5 years.

Do Lineafix Static colored films fade?

NO, the inks used in the printing process perfectly resist the incidence of UV rays, which prevents the colors of the sheet from fading.

Are all Lineafix Static films protected with a clear film behind?

YES, absolutely all, although sometimes this film is almost negligible since it is very thin and clear. To detach it with the greatest ease, we recommend that you use a piece of adhesive tape (zeal type) in the corner of the sheet; this will help you removing the protective film.

How do I clean a static vinyl film?

Simply by passing a cloth with soapy water or placing it directly under the water tap, applying soap and rinsing. Do not use alcohol, bleachers or glass cleaner.

Adhesive Vinyl
Can an adhesive film be cleaned with water?

To clean the adhesive vinyl we recommend using a cotton cloth lightly moistened with water.

Where can I place adhesive vinyl films?

Adhesive vinyl films adhere to all types of smooth surfaces. It is ideal for decorating walls, furniture, office / school supplies, crafts ...

How is a sticky-back vinyl film placed?

We always advise its placement with water to facilitate the movement of the vinyl on the surface to get to adjust it perfectly and, thus, not waste the sheet if we don’t manage to adjust it well to the first. Do not use water if the surface is cardboard or similar.

Select the video corresponding to the purchased vinyl to follow the steps correctly:

How can I remove a sticky back vinyl film?

Sticky-back vinyl films can be easily removed. You heat the adhesive with a hair dryer, then with the nail you lift the sticker by an edge and strip of it while the glued surface is heated. You keep pulling the adhesive little by little until you remove it completely from the surface. If any sticky residue remains, you can remove it by using a cloth soaked with cleaning alcohol or paint thinner.

Textile waterproof and stain-resistant tablecloth
How to clean a textile waterproof and stain-resistant tablecloth?

It is recommended to clean the stains immediately with a damp cloth. Do not rub. It can be machine washed in a short wash and with cold water (max 30ºC).

Can it be ironed?

Yes, it can be gently ironed on the back side (non-resinated face). It is recommended to place a cloth between the tablecloth and the iron.

How are expanded rugs cleaned?

It is recommended to clean the stains with a damp cloth or detergents without bleach. Use cold water (max 30ºC).

Bathroom curtains
How are the bathroom curtains cleaned?

It is recommended to wash them monthly. They can be machine washed in a short wash and with cold water (max 30ºC).

Can they be ironed?

Only polyester curtains can be ironed, always gently. PVC curtains should never be ironed.


All our articles comply with the European environmental standard REACH. For more information go to the following link: