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Sticky-back vinyl film. Special for walls and furniture decoration. Thicker, washable, and more resistant.

Size: 90 cm. x 2,8 m.
Secondary color
  • White
  • Black

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Lineafix Adhesive Premium is our collection of high-quality sticky-back films. Ref. INDIA NEGRO

  • Thicker and more resistant than conventional vinyls.
  • The easiest and cleanest way to decorate walls, furniture, doors...
  • Perfect for stores and offices decoration.
  • Wide range of designs, colors and textures.
  • No need for glue, it’s self-adhesive (sticky-back).
  • No need for professional installers. It’s super easy and clean to place!
  • Washable and resistant.
  • Resistant to colour degradation due to digital printing with REACH-certified UV inks.
  • Perfect match when placing two or more films (overlap 1cm on the sides). 
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain under EEC regulations.

Data sheet

PVC 100%
150 micron
90 cm. x 2,8 m.

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Lineawall® is our sticky-back vinyl wallpaper collection. The easiest, handy and cleanest way of decorating walls and furniture. Color, design and texture extensive range.

  • No need of glue (sticky-back).
  • No need of professional installation. Do it yourself, quick and easily.
  • Washable and very resistant.
  • Perfect for home or business decorating, handicrafts, DIY…
  • Anti-allergic properties. Unlike other wallpapers, the vinyl wallpaper Lineawall® does not accumulate mites, which makes it especially suitable for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Meets European environmental standard REACH.

  • Cut the Lineawall® foil to the required height.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface. Vacuum the dust.
  • Spray water on the surface, except on cardboard.
  • Gently peel-off the back support paper.
  • Spray water over the adhesive side of the film.
  • Place Lineawall® smoothly over the surface.
  • Eliminate water and air bubbles with the Lineafix squeegee.
  • When placing more than one strip, always overlap 5mm.

  • To clean the sticky-back vinyls a cotton cloth with water is recommended.
  • Lineawall® can be removed easily.
  • A hairdryer is used to heat the foil.
  • Detach any of the edges of the vinyl and softly pull from it white the hairdryer heat is applied to the sticked part.
  • Keep on with this process until the Lineawall® foil is removed.
  • The rest of the adhesive are to be easily removed with an alcohol or paint thinner impregnated cotton.